Motherhood: What is it like?

Motherhood. The divine and one of the most challenging roles in every woman’s life faces you with huge responsibility, overwhelming duties and endless love for your child. It’s frightening, it’s exhausting, it’s unpredictable and above all – it’s beautiful, amazing and fulfilling role. And it’s good to talk about it with other Moms.


Few words from our readers:

Michelle Kinch

I’m a brand-new mother, every single aspect of motherhood is an amazing new experience for me. Sometimes it scares me, sometimes I’m confused, insecure, but it all comes natural along the way. At the end of the day – it’s bliss.


Expecting my second labor in two months. With valuable experience with my first kid, I feel slightly more prepared this time, but it’s an adventure itself every time.


My daughter is expecting her first child next month, and I can’t help evoking memories and being so emotional seeing this natural circle repeating.


I’m a mother of two. I keep building my career at the same time, always placing my children as my priorities. Yes, it’s overwhelming frequently, but it’s totally worth it.


I’ve quit my job recently, and now I’m spending every moment with my children. This mission of trying to bring them to be valuable people is a true lifetime commitment.


My older child is going through typical teenage ups and downs, while my younger kid is still in fairytales and cartoons. I’m trying to keep up with the need of both to be there for them anytime they need me.

Volume the stress down during pregnancy

During those nine months, you’ll probably hear tons of various advice on how to have a healthy and safe pregnancy. Most of these advice refer to healthy eating, quitting bad habits, exercising and preparing for labor and similar. One of the risk factors for each pregnant woman is the stress of the modern life. As if the fear and worrying about the pregnancy’s happy end isn’t enough. You won’t be able to get rid of the stress completely, but there are things that can help you ease your body and mind. Wander in nature at least 10 minutes a day. Learn to breathe deep and calm. Have a relaxing music in the background of each working day. Use aromatherapy and always keep the flowers in the house. Always talk your concerns through with someone you trust. Finally, allow yourself to spend an hour a day imagining and fantasizing about fairytalish days with your upcoming baby.

How we see our parents at various ages

Too many things in life are just a matter of perspective. And the perspective often changes as we get older and reach more experience. Our relationship with our parents isn’t immune to this pattern, and it changes through phases of our lives.


The way we see our parents when we’re kids


There’s no doubt that Mom plays the central role in our early age. We develop deep and strong emotional attachment and devotion by addressing most of our needs to her. Fathers somehow stay slightly aside, but not less important. Dads are for fun, play, adventures and exploring the world around us, but we keep turning to Moms every time we face the real-life requirements and needs. The first bans usually come from Moms, while Dads play a role of a pay and accomplice.

The way we see our parents when we’re teenagers


When puberty and youth hits, we’re clever and wise and brave and unique and complex and so misunderstood. At least that’s the way we see ourselves. Parents suddenly fail to understand our needs, wishes, motives and ideas and the growing need for independency often rise quarrels. We tend to disobey every suggestion and restriction, and the manners of our parents seem old-fashioned, too conservative and stuffy. We create and develop our identity and personality by confronting them with our overestimated attitudes and the burst of energy. Our idealism struggles with their experience and realism.


The way we see our parents when we’re adults


Once we face the challenges of the real life as the adults, especially once we become the parents ourselves, the whole life and behavior of our parents make a whole new impression. Seeing things from their point of view, facing the similar situations as they used to, often makes us feel slightly guilty for judging them over the years and lacking understanding and compassion. As we become mature, wiser and more experienced ourselves, more of our parents’ decisions and attitudes fall into place and seem to make more sense than they did when we were younger and so much more stubborn. As we settle down in our mature lives, the pure understanding and love for our parents take over all the other feelings.

Is there the best age to have a baby?


Classic biology studying promotes age between 25 and early 30s. Modern life imposes career chasing and independency, pushing the age for motherhood towards the late thirties. Modern medicine enables it. Some women prefer forethought and detailed planning, while others leave it all to natural course and surprise. What are the ideal circumstances and age for having a baby? There’s no unique answer applicable to all women. It all probably depends on the general lifestyle and priorities in your life. The desired scenario should probably include a steady emotional relationship with the partner you truly love, reliable finances and fulfilled other aspects of life. Baby should not be a project or serve as compensation for the lack of meaning in other aspects of our lives. Once your life is truly fulfilled, you are ready to create another life.

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