The first day at the primary school is the first page of a whole new chapter in your child’s life. Both child and the parents approach this day with excitement, fear, even sadness because every major change in life brings a certain dose of nostalgia. The start of the school brings new aspects into your child’s life, and parents will no longer be the center of child’s world. New friends, books, and topics, plays and adventures, physical changes, even the first crushes are taking place now. The Big school imposes new environment, new people, authorities, discipline, schedules, and new habits. Thus it can be  a  transition phase in child’s life. Here are some useful advice you can apply beforehand and easy these changes for your child.

Get familiar with the terrain


Describe the school routine and the atmosphere to your child, but be realistic. Encourage them to explore and not to be afraid of new faces and rules, but bring the whole picture closer to them to fight the fear of unknown. Enounce new friends, teachers, marks, tests, duties and fun combined and always comfort you child explaining that all other kids feel similar towards school and struggle with the same thoughts and emotions. To get to know the terrain, visit the school and school yard with your child.

Start applying school routine occasionally before it starts


To avoid shock, fatigue, anxiety and nervous breakdowns when duties strike and the discipline is required, start preparing your child for school routine and strict daily schedule. Organize their day, so it starts at the pretty much same time, set an early bed time, assign them with some duties for few hours every day and set limits for the playground.

Teach them some useful life skills

To boost their independency, responsibility and to make them feel important in a new life task, teach your kids to prepare their breakfast and a snack, to pack their books and prepare the cloths for school. Train their personal organization, instruct them about hygiene in school and encourage them to feel free to ask for help and talk to teachers and other kids without hesitation.